Hi! My name is Karena.

I’ll be your hypnotist today!



Just a bit about me.

I’ve been a hypnotist since 2009. I first studied at the hypnosis motivational institute and then gained my basic certification through Jeffrey Stephens, a few years later gained my advanced certification through Jeffrey Stephens. And continue to learn more every day.

My journey with hypnosis started when I found it helped change my life in profound and amazing ways starting with eliminating my depression and desire to end my life. Hypnosis has been a major help with my excelling in various skill sets, changing my state of mind, helping me lose weight, and create better focus. Through having these experiences I wanted to be able to pay it forward, and be a positive influence in creating change leaving others feeling amazing; And found a passion with the works of hypnosis along the way.

Since 2009 I have helped others to gain better sleep, become non smokers, lose weight, change negative thinking to positive, relieve stress, break addictions, and more.

 When I’m not doing hypnosis  I can be found Spending time with my husband,  relaxing at home by watching my favorite shows spanning over all genres. I love going to the movies and listening to classic radio shows.  And I have a passion and love for Birds of all kinds.