As of may 1, 2021 and until further notice all my sessions will be online only.

Take a look at the options below and choose the option best for your needs.
There is a $50 booking fee to hold the appointment, this fee goes towards the sessions.
Any cancellations not given 24 hours in advance the booking fee will be turned to a cancellation fee.

Each option consists of three sessions. The first hypnosis session is usually the most dramatic where your main concern will be addressed. Your second session is designed to improve your self-image and self-esteem. The third, follow up session will reinforce what we’ve done and deal with anything we didn’t anticipate. Any other sessions to help you with this issue are at no cost, free. This is part of my guarantee.

I typically charge $350 to help you get your result.

What you are paying for is the RESULT, not the hour or the session. Most people get their result the first session but if more visits are needed there is no extra fee.

What can I help you with?

Smoking Cessation

Breath easier as a non smoker.choose this option to break the habit today.

MindBody Connection

The connection between the mind and the body is a strong one. Choose this option to discover what your subconscious has been trying to tell you through your body, and lets work through it,.

Weight Management

Struggling with your weight? Find better management and feel healthier with this option.


Depression and anxiety can happen to all of us. Choose this option to help find your happiness and inner peace.

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Are you not seeing what you are looking to change in the other options? Choose this one and tell me what you would like to work on.